Missing Classmates
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Missing, Jun class

Robert F Anolin

Carole Anne Brahney

Jerald William Campbell

Roberta Lee Cranow

Dawn Kathleen Cravens

Carole Anne Fabiano

Rosalie L Genes

Anatolia Guerra

Richard Hackett

Charles Jew

Lynnda Faye Jones

Eleanor N Jue

Phillip King

Lily Kowalski

Robert E Lange

James C Lattimore

John E MacFarlane

Michael D McClintock

Alexander Nalivaiko

Toshihiko Okubo

Judy Otto Mullins

Judith Dorothy Palmer

Mary Elizabeth Parker

George E Peterson, Jr

Joyce Darlene Price

Robert P Randall

John W Reed

Gayle Ann Richards

Richard S Rose

Doug Skinner

Dorothy Louise Underhill

Gertrude Elizabeth Walker

Iris Wall

Dolly Wong Li

Missing, Jan class

Barbara Edison

Richard Miramon Evangelista

Joan Marie Holcomb

William Lloyd Irwin

Julio A Ramos

Donald Eugene Silliman

Katherine Mae Smirnoff

Liv Claudia Stearns

Eve-Belle Taylor

Rosita Vicente Donohoe

Here is a list of classmates for whom we have no contact information... If you know anything about the whereabouts of these folks, please let us know by contacting  the Lowell class of 1955 or the Lowell Alumni Association.    Thanks

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