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Class of June 1955 

 from VICTOR BOGO December 2011

After high school I went to and graduated from City College of SF and then SF State College, where I pick up a degree in psychology, just barely!  As at Lowell, I did not apply myself very much academically speaking.  After State I was a guest of the US Air Force for 4 years, a requirement in those days.  In the air force I got to practice the psychology degree that I barely achieved at two different psychology facilities.  First, at Brooks AFB in San Antonio, TX and then Holloman AFB in the southern New Mexico.  At Holloman I worked with and trained the chimpanzees that went into space as part of the space race with the Soviet Union, which was exciting and a lot of fun.  From Holloman, I went north to Albuquerque, NM to get my master degree in psychology, While there I got married, had two great children (one each), and got divorced (ugh).  I have four grandchildren.  In Albuquerque, I worked for Lovelace Foundation either with an Aging Study in pilots for NIH and investigating the effects of radiation on behavior for DoD, again fighting the so-called 'evil empire'.  Interesting, for I am Russian by heritage.

    When I lost my DoD job in Albuquerque in 1976, in order to eat and have a roof over my head I went east to Bethesda, MD doing the same thing for the same agency until 1994 when I retired from the Federal Government.  However, retiring did not end my work life, for I ended up working more then before retirement.  In the DC area, I lived outside of Manassas, VA, which was initially pretty far out in the country for a city boy, but it did not end up that way by the time I left.  After retirement I first worked part time at an agency dealing with Domestic Violence (DV) as the Men's Program Coordinator and than as a Probation Officer for the county criminal justice system.  I also volunteered for Big Brother, Big Sisters, a rape crisis center and a local Hospice, which I do to this day. 

    At the DV center I met and married my second wife, Arlene.  We decided that the DC area was getting to expensive to live in, plus it was getting to congested, so we moved to the mountains of western North Carolina in 2004, They do not compare to the mountains on the west coast, but we still love their majesty and beauty, especially the many water falls, which is like a cathedral for me!  During our 10 years together, Arlene and I have traveled to, among other things, Russia, China, and the Mayan ruins of Central America.  We will continue to do so for as long as we can.  I am now fully retired, continue to volunteer, have square danced, now play bridge, and my dog takes me for long walks in the surrounding area as often as she can get me out!