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Class of June 1955 


I did come back to the 40th reunion (which was just wonderful) as well as the 50th and am keeping in touch with dear friends Sandy (Johnston) Manson, Gretchen (Gause) Fox and Jill (White) Franklin.  Over the past several years have had “sightings” - and even a meal or two – with Joan Kaufman, Steve Breyer, Roland Peracca, Guy Erb, Bart and Neil Voorsanger, and last year, a reunion with David Gardner and his wife, Alice, out in Seattle.

We’ve been living for 40 years in New York City, and these days when people ask me where I’m from, I must admit I say NYC – and not San Francisco, although I am quick to claim SF when I meet someone from the bay area.   Peter and I (whom I met while hitch-hiking in Europe post Berkeley in l960-l961) were married fifty years ago in September.   We spent our first seven years in Asia (both of us working with Tibetan refugees in India and Peter working in Indonesia in the field of reproductive health).   That field brought us back to NY where Peter worked 25 years with Planned Parenthood and five with the UN Population Fund.

I went back to graduate school (Columbia) in l976 and earned a Ph.D in the sociology of religion.  It was, in some ways, an end in itself, though it served me well for 12 years, when I taught in a college program at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, the only maximum security prison for women in the state of New York.

We spend half our time now in our home in the Berkshires, where I have a large vegetable garden (raspberries and blueberries too) and am mad about composting and eating healthy.

Two kids:  Chris, (45) who after 20 years abroad (Ethiopia, Ecuador, Indonesia and Turkey) has returned to the states and lives in DC with his wife and our only grandson, now 7.   He is Exec. VP of a not-for-profit which is involved (surprise, surprise) in reproductive health internationally.   Our daughter, Mary, (42) is a performance artist (her passion) and a registered dietician (her mission) and lives in Seattle.   She will be married this July to a great guy, Keith (first time for them both).  

I wish you well for the event on the l9th .... I’d have loved to be there – I can imagine the spot — near the Arguello Street entrance, yes? - and can smell the eucalyptus!

Greetings to all the class of ‘59 — and those ‘58 and ‘60 “hanger-oners!”

(note from Carol... think she was thinking of college years, not high school, probably  meant class of ‘55 etc)