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Class of June 1955 

from PEGGY BERRY SUTHERLIN  December 2011

- army brat.  My father had been a WWII POW,  & on  Bataan Death March, so given good stations after the war, including 3 tours at Letterman....In June 1955 we moved to Hawaii for three years, and attended U of H, but graduated from SF State, BA in Labor Studies.  I became an American Airlines stewardess in 1961. Hiring requirements then included, single, white, female, under the age of 32 when one was fired, and weight restrictions.  I became a union activist involved in elimination of these restrictions.  My union offices included Vice President, Treasurer, and member of the Arbitration Board, rotating between Chair and VC, and finally assumed leadership on the pension committee. Being in Forensics at Lowell was exceedingly useful in my union activities. My job as a stewardess, later “fight attendant”, allowed me to peruse my passion of genealogy. On layovers I researched in great  genealogy libraries.  I have published several family histories, some articles in journals,  and continue to pursue genealogy interests.  In 1969-1973 I flew Military Charters to Viet Nam; my last ten years of flying was purser mostly to Tokyo and South America,: I retired in 1998.  For the last thirty years my life has been serious competitive tournament bridge. My husband and I are both World Champions. I played a three day exhibition  tournament in the Olympic Headquarters in Lausanne, Switz, also guest  in South Africa   when it wasn’t permitted to play internationally,...Positions   held in  the bridge organization include Laws Commission, National Appeals,  and Ethical Oversight (Peer Review).   I have been married since January 1967 to John Sutherlin, San Mateo High 1954 and  Cal 1960.