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Class of June 1955 

Truth be known, I hung around Lowell more than anyone knew.  I was destined to tramp the halls because I was preceded by my uncle, Thomas Lacoste Schulte my mother, Antoinette Lacoste Schullte my sister, Marianne Hobbs and my great aunt, Eugenie Lacoste who was the Dean of Girls, I do believe. When I was about 4 or 5 years old when my great aunt, Eugenie Lacoste, was bossing the girls around and my parents would drop me off so they could run their errands, etc.  I guess I had to live up to my nick name. Snooper, and I found the cafeteria ice cream stash.  I remember some great chocolate ice cream cones, I think called “Cho-Chos”, which were sometimes offered as  lures to get me around the school and to see the relatives and spend a little time with my older sister, Marianne.. It is no wonder that I would be enrolled in our famous High School because of the excellent teaching staff and reputation. I guess I had too much energy to be a great student but did have the work ethic beat into my brain and liked the remuneration it provided to obtain my “toys”.  My first job was for the extended family sweeping leaves at the front of our large house at day break.  The daily wage was .05cents/day with double time of Sunday.  The original copy of the contract produced by Madame Lacoste is still in my desk. As I grew and got stronger so did the number of employers in the neighborhood.  So much for the start of education.

               Summer employment led me to a farm in the Shasta Valley and the following year to  logging operation near Garberville on the coast. Now it was time to try the college scene in Berkeley.  Nudged by my parents I joined  the ATO fraternity. This was a good start in socialization but I had a difficult time being bossed around by the older frat boys.  I sort of rebelled due to the fact that I was used to working with adult men and was  self sufficient. After two years of the fraternity life I was elected president of the chapter and changed a few things.  UC Berkeley had an excellent School of criminology for upper division students and I became fascinated by criminalistics and the study of crime scenes and psychological profiles of criminals.  I also learned that the City of Berkeley was regarded as one of the most progressive and well staffed departments in the United States at this time.  So the eager self confident frat boy applied for a job and was hired when the 21st birthday eventually was finally enjoyed.  Now it was police work at night and school work by day.  So long for the social life when the days off were Tuesday and Wednesday. Fortunately I met a night nurse at a local hospital and promptly married her.  I guess I had to  live up to my childhood nickname.

                 After three years Uncle Sam grabbed me by the ear and put me into the military police school at Fort Gordon, Georgia. Next it was some more education and training at Lackland AFB  at the  sentry dog training school.  Believe me, with multitudes of German Shepherds staked out in a field the scent of the yellow rose of Texas was not wafting through the air.  Now I had a “buddy” who was ready to accompany me to the cornfields of  northern Indiana to protect the under ground missiles situated to protect the Chicago area.  This California guy got a taste of winter weather at the southern tip of Lake Michigan at 20 below zero while looking for base intruders all night long.  President Kennedy made it possible for me to escape the ongoing Cuban missile crises by some luck.  Back to BPD and rejoin the crime stoppers .

                 If you want to know more you will have to read a copy of my book, “Cadre of the Mews” and find out what I did with the following licenses:

Private Investigations, Real Estate, Landscape Contractors, Tree Service and Arboriculture,  Vocational  Teaching,  Bry-Dan Corporation CEO, US patents and more.   

Click here for a short promo of Ed’s book and a great picture of him in his Berkeley PD uniform

from ED HOBBS   December 2011