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Class of June 1955 

from CHERI DILL TAYLOR   Sep 2011

After graduation from Lowell, I worked, got married twice, had four sons, got divorced,  worked at UCSF a total of 18 years, worked off and on as an actress and dancer in movies and commercials from 1969 until 1986.  My picture is on the inside of the dvd director's cut case of "THX 1138".  I worked, at first, under the stage name of Claudette Bessing.  I told Claude Bart, Lowell '55, that she was lucky I only borrowed her first name, I was thinking of using her original last name, Battazatti, also.  I borrowed my grandmother's maiden name, instead.  In 1984 I went back to school and graduated in1988 with an RN.  After that, I worked for Kaiser Hospital, Vallejo until retirement in 2008.