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from CAROL HICKS   July 2011

After Lowell, I went 2 years to Berkeley, then worked at Pan American Airways for 5 years in San Francisco and New York.   Was part of the team that designed one of the worlds first online reservations systems.  Then came home to SF to go to work for Southern Pacific railroad to help design their online railroad inventory system...

Went to Vietnam for 1969 and 1970, arrived there just days before the Tet offensive, that was fun (think my folks were in cardiac arrest, till I got to a phone to tell them I was OK).  Spent 2 years there working on computer systems for RMK-BRJ. a large construction consortium.

When I came back to the USA, I went to work for Hughes AirWest, was responsible for maintaining all of the data in their on line reservations system which was shared by many airlines.... then I went into real estate, a salesperson first, then a broker (took one of my required brokers classes from Joe Lasky who was teaching RE Law). Then in the early 80’s I opened a Travel Agency in Santa Rosa and now I am a cruise travel agent from home....  if any of you are interested in cruises in and/or out of SF, I have a website which lists them all (at least I hope it is all... I try)

                                click here for link to “Cruises in/out of SF” website

I am semi retired, playing golf, volunteering and taking as many vacations (mostly cruises) as I can.....

My Mom and Dad met at Lowell and graduated in the late 20’s, 2 uncles and an aunt went to Lowell and my brother was in the first June graduating class from the “new” Lowell.

Class of June 1955