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I  remember entering freshman English class and Mr. Brauer (was that his name and what ever happened to him) was reading Poe's The Bells  in a sonorous voice as if he didn't notice us filtered in. I was in heaven. My own book of poems, The Poetry Tent, can be downloaded from http://www.magcloud.com/user/bettecerfhill

Then there was chemistry where we were told that we had to memorize the periodic table of elements and I knew I couldn't do it so I decided I was not college material. The thing I wanted to do was art which was not available.

Anyway by the time I graduated I was madly in love and as my Mother would not allow us to announce our engagement at a little graduation party for relatives - we decided to elope and drove to Reno that night. I helped my husband get a PhD in high energy nuclear physics and we had 3 daughters, lived in Berkeley, Chicago, England, Switzerland and Paris before I came back to the US by my self with 3 teen age kids. I was 36. I choose to live in Chicago and have never regretted anything but the scary weather.

In Chicago I worked for the Illinois Arts Council and then got interested in land use. I formed The South Loop Planning Board in 1980 to promote a part of downtown that was being converted from abandoned railroad property and industrial building to housing. I used various cultural activities to bring people to see what was going on. One of the programs, The Printer Row Book Fair is now owned by the Chicago Tribune and will be 30 next year. I quit the board to go to The School of the Art Institute. I now have a studio/Gallery in Chicago and  I  recently had a site specific show at the Hyde Park Art Center called String Theory. I will be in a show at Art Omi in Ghent N.Y. this fall.

I am a founding board member of  The Young Women's Leadership Charter School of Chicago which gives disadvantaged girls the kind of encouragement I wish I had.

I have a wonderful husband, and with his two sons and my three daughters we have eleven grand children and a great on the way. 

Thanks for jogging memories.

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    From BETTE CERF ROSS HILL    Jun 2013